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Polishing your content

Writing content that ‘reads well’ is a craft. Our highly-experienced sub-editors can take your raw copy and make it sing.

It can be a delicate subject but let’s face it, we all know fairly quickly when we’re reading the work of a trained writer … and when we’re not.

Why risk that brand damage when you can have an expert tweak your stories so they read like they were created by the best in the business? Cohesive flow, perfect punctuation and grammar, accurate spelling, a compelling message and strong call to action; that’s the transformation you’ll get.

In this world of information overload, when you’re competing for attention against the avalanche of messaging bombarding consumers every day, publishing low quality content is disastrous both from a customer retention and a reputational point of view.

We have plenty of clients who send us their content and our team promptly tidies it up and sends it back ready to go.

And who exactly is our team? Our stable of experienced former newspaper and magazine sub-editors and journos have worked in premier publications  in mainstream media. They know their stuff.

So what does this service cost?

You’d be surprised how very affordable it is to have your company’s work polished up and reading beautifully. Contact us now.